There’s method in our madness!  All of our resources provide open-ended learning opportunities. Think of it as the ‘Christmas Day Effect’ – the very expensive, carefully purchased gift is cast aside in favour of THE CARDBOARD BOX!!

Much of our inspiration is taken directly from the children and we ensure our environment supports their interests and current stage of development…further information is sourced through training, projects, networking and this blog by an inspirational (ex) headteacher.   Children LOVE being able to use our resources in a variety of ways…it inspires language, vocabulary, mathematical thinking, curiosity, team work, creativity, problem solving, concentration…working towards all areas of the Revised EYFS (Early years Foundation Stage) the governments guidance for Early Years Learning…updated in September 2013 to Early Years Outcomes

We use our garden throughout the year…and following a visit to a Scottish Forest School we developed the area to take it back to a more natural environment – Children thrive outdoors and nature provides a multitude of learning that can never be replicated indoors…it also, believe it or not, supports the foundations of writing in ways you would not have realised. Being ‘writing ready’ is a complex acquirement of a chain of skills – come and  be enlightened!

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